What is the tool offset in CNC machining?

- Jul 15, 2019-

Using the end mill to machine the workpiece on the cnc machine tool, it can be clearly seen that the tool center motion trajectory does not coincide with the workpiece contour. This is because the cnc machining workpiece contour is formed by the end mill motion envelope. The center of the end mill is called the tool position of the tool (the 4th and 5th coordinate CNC machine is called the tool position vector), and the motion track of the tool point represents the movement track of the tool. In cnc machining, the program is programmed according to the workpiece contour size, or the program is programmed according to the motion track size of the tool point. This should be handled according to the specific situation.

End mill processing for cnc machine tools

In the full-function cnc machine tool, the CNC system has a tool compensation function, which can be programmed according to the workpiece contour size. After the tool compensation is established and executed, the CNC system automatically calculates and the tool position is automatically adjusted to the tool movement track. The machining program is directly prepared by using the workpiece size, the tool is worn, and the replacement machining program is unchanged, so the use is simple and convenient.

Economical cnc machine tools are simple in structure and low in price, and are common in manufacturing companies. In the economical cnc machine tool system, if there is no tool compensation function, the machining program can only be programmed according to the movement path size of the tool point. This requires that the tool path size be calculated according to the workpiece contour size and tool diameter. Therefore, the calculation amount is large and complicated, and the tool wear and replacement need to recalculate the track size of the tool point, and the machining program is re-programmed.

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