Quality Control

Lemo implement the quality management system ISO9001:2008 strictly!

1)How does Lemo control the quality ?
A: During processing, the operator inspect the sizes after finishing each processing step.
B: After finished the first whole part, need show to QC department  for full inspection.
The first sample has been approved, then can start mass production.
C: Before shipment, the QA will inspect according to ISO sampling inspection standard for mass production. We will do full quantity measuring if client request.
D: Will do 100% full checking for small QTY ( less 50pcs)
E: When shipping the goods, we will attach the inspection report and material certificate with the parts.
F:Lemo's  AQL is 98% at this moment, we will do better.

2) How does Lemo handle the complains? 
A: During processing, if found any defective sizes, we will inform the clients by email. Only get clients approval, then can ship out.
B: If happen any complaints after the customer got the goods, please show us photos and detail complaints points, we will check with the production department and QC depart immediately and give solving solution with 4 hours.
C: If need re-make, we will arrange re-make urgently and ship you new replacement within 3 days. Lemo will bear all the cost ( include shipping cost).