What are the characteristics and skills of five-axis linkage processing of stainless steel products?

- Jul 02, 2019-

In the five-axis linkage machining of stainless steel products, we must first face the vibration during machine tool processing. Because the hardness of stainless steel products is high, the resistance of the machine tool during machining will be relatively large. The machining state of the machine tool during five-axis machining is relatively high. Firstly, there should be no too much source near the machine tool or the machine tool, because the accuracy of the five-axis machining and the stability of the machine tool may be interfered with, which may affect the accuracy of the product. Therefore, in the five-axis machining of stainless steel products, the first program is to feed the knife. The quantity should be reasonable, and the cutting state of the machine tool should be as normal as possible. Try not to shake the machine too much. Because of the high hardness of stainless steel parts, the wear of the tool is relatively large. When machining, it is necessary to pay attention to the sound of the machine cutting. The sound of the tool and the program should be checked in time.

If it is a slightly larger stainless steel product, in order to avoid the vibration during processing, the machine tool is not stable enough. We can first open the outline of the product on the three-axis machine, and then put it on the five-axis machine to make the light and the light knife. If you can effectively avoid the vibration of the machine with too much resistance during processing, it will not have much impact on the accuracy of the five-axis machine. Because the five-axis machine tool needs to maintain good equipment precision and stability, it will not open up in general. Therefore, when faced with these problems, we can go to other machine tools to assist in roughing, and then put it on the five-axis machine after roughing. Doing medium and light can avoid these problems.

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