What Are The Requirements For Precision Of Precision CNC Machining Parts?

- Jan 10, 2020-

Precision parts processing requires precision and precision. No problem can occur from processing to completion of the work process. It is applied to aerospace technology or other metal equipment and mechanical equipment. Quality problems are guaranteed and cannot be guaranteed Products have a certain impact on the credibility of the manufacturer or the workmanship, so it is indispensable to process precision parts.

Precision parts processing, what are the benefits of precision parts processing?

     (1) Rough turning: First, roughen the shape of the two ends of the part with a transverse groove turning tool. Because of the low resistance and easy chip breaking during the cutting process of the transverse groove turning tool, the rough turning effect at both ends is better. However, because titanium alloy materials are easily deformed during processing, cutting fluid must be used for sufficient cooling during the cutting process.


     (2) Semi-finished car: After the parts are completely cooled, use the outer eccentric knife to turn the reference outer circle of the part. Use the soft claw to hold the part's outline, use the micrometer lever to correct the part's outline, and perform precision machining on one end Processing, can not be processed in one place.


     (3) Finishing: After the external shape of the part is removed, drilling and boring are performed to ensure the size and accuracy requirements. Correct the shape of the parts again to ensure that the dimensional accuracy is within 0.003mm, leaving a margin of 0.05mm on the finished shape. Because the double top is based on the inner holes at both ends as the positioning reference, and the shape of the part before the final finishing is small, the drilling and boring and the finishing of the finished shape are completed in one clamping and the hole chamfering is done. Prepare for the next double top process.

Precision parts processing, what are the benefits of precision parts processing?

  The precision mechanical parts are made of titanium alloy materials. The requirements for the machining accuracy of the shape of the parts and the size of the holes are very high. It is required that the surface roughness needs to be precision machined on a grinding machine in order to achieve the requirements of the drawing. Surface roughness and tolerance data of drawings provided by customers. Professional staff is very important. Good staff can reach 90% of the work in this area.

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