What Are The Common Tools For CNC Machining ?

- Feb 24, 2020-

When it comes to numerical control, it involves a lot of processing equipment and processing technology, including machining centers, 

CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC grinders, EDM, wire cutting, etc. Here, 

let us understand together what are the common tools for CNC machining:

Which CNC machining is better?

CNC end mill is a common tool used in CNC machining. Different manufacturing materials can be divided into white steel knives and tungsten steel knives. 

It can also be divided into aluminum milling cutters and iron milling cutters according to the purpose. White steel milling cutters are generally used to process products that are not very demanding due to their low cost, roughing and some products with low surface requirements. 

Aluminum milling cutters are mainly used for milling aluminum, which is beneficial to the surface gloss of the product.


The fixed-point drilling tool used in CNC machining is generally used for positioning, but it can also be used for chamfering around the product. For drilling with a high degree of position, 

we first need to drill a bit to determine the position, so as to ensure the position accuracy. 

CNC machining center drilling tools are also used for product positioning. In actual processing, fixed-point drills are often used to replace their functions.


The drill bit (standard twist drill) used in CNC machining is mainly used to punch holes, and this is commonly used in machining. The group drill used in CNC machining is also known as a three-point two-edged drill. The cutting force of this drill is quite amazing. 

Even if it is very hard steel, a drill can be made porous. Of course, you don't have to be confined to appreciation. You can sharpen a lot of special-shaped drills if you are proficient in the cutting principle.


Face cutter used in CNC machining can also be called flying cutter. It is mainly used for milling the surface and is used for milling materials over a large area. 

Of course, if the flatness is required, it will easily cause deformation of the product surface. The speed should not be too fast. The round nose knife used in CNC machining can be used to mill planes and can be milled, and the functions are quite rich. 

The T-shaped cutter used in CNC machining is mainly used for milling T-shaped grooves.


The keyway cutter used in CNC machining is usually a two-edged milling cutter used to open the keyway for smooth chip removal. Ball cutters used in CNC machining are mainly used for curved surfaces. The inner R cutter used in CNC machining is mainly used for chamfering the R corner. 

The dovetail milling cutter used in CNC machining is used to process the dovetail groove. Reamers used in CNC machining, reaming holes are also used for precision machining. Generally, the verticality of the hole can only be corrected, and the empty position cannot be changed. It is also commonly used in precision machining.


The precision boring tool used in CNC machining. Boring is a skill that needs to be mastered in the processing. This boring tool is adjustable and is generally used to finish holes. The cutting amount is relatively small, so the surface finish can be guaranteed. 

Rolling cutters used in CNC machining are used for hole machining with high precision and finish requirements. Belonging to the finishing level. Rotary files used in CNC machining are mainly used for grinding, and are similar to files.

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