Sheet Metal Fabrication Different Material Review Requirements

- Jun 09, 2017-

1. Sheet Metal Fabrication, processing a large number of tolerances, so the difficulty of processing, is greater or smaller?

For this problem, the Sheet Metal Fabrication plant in Wuxi high running answer is the processing of the higher the level of tolerance level, so the processing is less difficult because the level of the digital, the average size of the allowable range is the greater the tolerance value, Its difficulty.

2. Are the different materials in which the metal is processed in the table?

In this way, the Sheet Metal Fabrication plant in Wuxi high running view is the need to focus on learning and knowledge because of its high availability, so it can not be treated as such.

Cold Rolled Plate: Advantages In applications, mainly used for simplicity and low cost, however, taking into account the specific situation.

Hot-rolled plate: mainly used for electroplating and paint, but difficult, so mainly based on sheet metal.

Galvanized steel: surface treatment is usually not, the cost is not low.

Aluminum profiles are mainly used in some of the more complex materials that are used in subracks.

Stainless steel: surface treatment is usually not, its cost is relatively high.

3. The surface of the Sheet Metal Fabrication audit, it is you need to see it?

This question, by the Sheet Metal Fabrication plant in Wuxi high run, and their answers, as follows:

Surface, standard size of the relationship view, clear part of the assembly and the relationship between the required key size. In addition, the quality, material, the technical requirements for these aspects are also specified, it can not be omitted.

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