Injection Molding Plastic parts

Injection Molding Plastic parts

Customized Injection Molding Plastic for for Automation Components We supply Customized Injection Molding Plastic for for Automation Components, made of plastic material of ABS, PC PP, PU, HDPE,LDPE, PVC, TPE, TPO, PA6,PA+glass fiber. Lemo provide service Prototype Injection...

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Injection Molding  Plastic parts

1. Product Introduction.
Customized Injection Molding Plastic for for Automation Components , made of plastic material of ABS, PC PP, PU, HDPE,LDPE, PVC, TPE, TPO, PA6,PA+glass fiber . Lemo provide service Prototype Injection, Rapid Prototyping, Aluminum Molding, Plastic parts in Automation , Automation Components PC Plasic Parts .Over 14 years OEM and ODM experience for USA and European market. Please send us 3D file or samples, then will design the mold for you.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)


Injection Molding Plastic for for Automation


Injection molding, Plastic injection, Injection Prototype, injection molded

Plastic Material

ABS, PC PP, PU, HDPE,LDPE, PVC, TPE, TPO, PA6,PA+glass fiber,

Size of plastic we can produce

10 mm to 2500 mm / Max 5.0kgs

Mould material

45C, S50C, P20, S136, S136H, 718,718H, 2738, 2316, 2083, 2311,NAK80, H13 , etc

Color available

Black, White, Grey, yellow, green, red, we can do any color as per RAL code

Mold life

1,000,000  shots


automobile, medical, electric appliance, automation machine


Design mold, making mold, injection plastic parts

File Format:

Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Auto CAD,PDF,JPG ect

3. More Injection Molding Plastic Parts for reference:

Plastic parts.png

Injection molding parts.png

5. Processing flow chart for Injection Molding Parts in Lemo:

Plastic injection molding.png

6. FAQ:

Which situation you can use Injection molding?
1) The material is plastic, any kind of engineering plastic.
2) Demands quantity is continuous for many years and big
3) The shape is complex and special, the cost by CNC machining is very high.
4) Special color request. ( because we can do any RAL code color)

What lead time for open one injection mould?
1)Precision steel long life time mold : 20-25 working days.
2) Rapid aluminum mould : 10-15 working days.


Leveraging on wide experience and expertise, Lemo Precision Metal is specialized in manufacturing and trading quality customized injection molding plastic for for automation components. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can also offer you customized service and the quotation consultation service.

Injection molding is a method of producing shapes for industrial products. Products are usually injection molded from rubber and plastic. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding and die casting.

Injection molding machine (referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into plastic products of various shapes by using plastic molding die. Injection molding is realized by injection molding machine and mold.

Main type:

1. Rubber injection molding: Rubber injection molding is a production method that injects the rubber directly into the model from the barrel. The advantage of rubber injection molding is that although it is intermittent operation, the molding cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the blank preparation step is eliminated, the labor intensity is small, and the product quality is excellent.

2. Plastic injection molding: Plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into the plastic product mold by pressure, and the various plastic parts are obtained by cooling molding. There are mechanical injection molding machines dedicated to injection molding. The most commonly used plastic at present is polystyrene.

3. Molding: The resulting shape is often the final product and no further processing is required prior to installation or use as a final product. Many details, such as bosses, ribs, threads, can be formed in one injection molding operation.

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