what is super finishing during precision machining ?

- Dec 01, 2017-

what is super finishing during precision machining ?

Superfinishing is the use of fine-grained whetstone exert a small pressure on the workpiece when do precision machining, and for reciprocating vibration and slow longitudinal feed movement, the workpiece low speed rotation, abrasive particles in the workpiece surface to form a non-repetitive trajectory.

Superfinishing process can be divided into four stages in CNC machining parts: 

① strong cutting stage, the beginning of the workpiece surface roughness, stone and convex contact pressure, oil film is damaged, cutting strong;

 ② normal cutting stage, when the surface smoothing a few convex peak After the contact area increases, the pressure decreases, the cutting effect weakened into the normal cutting stage; 

③ weak cutting stage, with the contact area increases, the pressure is lower, abrasive particles blunt, friction polishing effect, the workpiece surface smooth; 

④ stop cutting stage, the stone and the workpiece surface contact area greatly increased, the pressure is small, the formation of the film and no longer contact, cutting stop. The entire processing time is about 30 seconds, high productivity.

As abrasive particles have more complex trajectories, friction polishing effect, the formation of cross-hatch surface texture, the surface roughness of up to Ra 0.01 ~ 0.1μm. At the same time due to low cutting speed, oilstone pressure is small, so less grinding heat, the workpiece surface will not be burned. 

Can only remove the convex surface of the workpiece, can not correct the shape and position of the workpiece error, it is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness value. 

Lemo has rich experience do this kind of super finishing CNC machined parts. 

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