What is 5- Axis CNC machining technology and How to use the 5- axis machining center ?

- Nov 18, 2019-

In the simplest terms, 5-Axis machining uses the CNC to move parts or cutting tools on five different Axes simultaneously.

It can process very complex parts, which is why five-axis machining is especially popular in the aerospace industry. However, the following factors contribute to the wider adoption of five-axis machining:

Promote the transformation of machine tools into "one-time processing completion", shortening lead times and increasing efficiency.

The geometry of the part can be better processed by avoiding interference by tilting the cutting tool or table.

Since the tool or table can be tilted, the optimum cutting position and constant chip load can be maintained, thus increasing tool life and reducing cycle time.

The A, B, and C axes are arranged in alphabetical order, corresponding to the X, Y, and Z axes. Although there are six-axis CNC machines, the five-axis layout is more common, as adding a sixth axis usually does not bring much additional benefit.

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