What are the types of CNC machining parts processing technology ?

- Nov 23, 2019-

With the development of industrial technology, our processing industry enjoys a certain position in the industry. It is because of its good work that it will lead to such success. 

Precision parts processing is one of them, then the type of mechanical parts processing technology is What kinds ?

  Car (vertical, sleeping): The main feature is the machining of the rotary body.


  Milling (vertical milling, horizontal milling): The main feature is the machining groove and the straight line shape. Of course, the arc surface can be processed by two or three axes.


  Planing: The main characteristic is the straight surface of the machined shape. Under normal circumstances, the surface roughness is not as high as the milling machine.

  Insert: It can be understood as a planer that stands up, which is very suitable for non-complete arc machining.


  Grinding (surface grinding, external grinding, internal hole grinding, tool grinding, etc.) processing of high precision surfaces.


  Drilling: The processing of holes.


  CNC Machining of larger diameter and higher precision holes, processing of larger workpiece shape.


  The above is the type of mechanical parts processing technology. From the above text, we can see that there are many kinds of processes, and it is necessary to use a variety of machines for processing. This is the processing. benefit,

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