the Material processing performance can affect the quality of precision CNC machined parts

- Dec 03, 2019-

precision CNC Mechanical parts are separated from mechanical construction and mechanics. 

With the development of the mechanical industry, new design theories and the emergence of anti-corrosion, new materials and new technologies, mechanical parts have also entered a new stage of development.

The volume of mechanical parts is small, but the effect it plays is very large. In mechanics, small parts also have a great role and many classifications. Because the application environment and characteristics of different machinery and equipment are different, the processing requirements for their spare parts are also different.

Dongguan machinery parts processing manufacturers said that the quality of the material processing technology can directly affect the quality of parts, production efficiency and cost, 

So the material's process performance has become an important basis for material selection.

The processing technology properties of materials mainly include casting, pressure processing, cutting processing, heat treatment and welding.

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