Magical wire cutting in CNC precision parts machining

- Mar 16, 2019-

Judging whether a product is good or bad is to see if its quality and precision meet the requirements. Then, wire cutting plays an important role in the improvement of precision.

A friend who doesn't know may understand it literally. Isn't wire cutting a product cut out with a thread? Yes, yes, it does cut the product with a line, but this "line" is not an ordinary line! It is called wire electrode and needs to have good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The tensile strength is high and the material should be well-proportioned. Frequently used electrode wires are molybdenum wire, tungsten wire, brass wire and cored wire, and the like.

Tungsten wire has high tensile strength and relatively high price, and is generally used for finishing many narrow seams. Brass wire is suitable for slow processing, with good surface roughness and straightness, less swarf adhesion, but poor tensile strength and large loss. It is widely used in slow one-way wire. Molybdenum wire has high tensile strength and is mainly used for fast wire processing. Generally, most of China's mechanical processing enterprises choose molybdenum wire as electrode wire.

There are 3 types of wire cutting, and the accuracy of different types are also different: fast wire, medium wire and slow wire; general fast wire can reach +/- 0.02mm, surface roughness can reach Ra3.2 The precision of the middle wire can reach +-/0.01mm, the surface roughness can reach ≤Ra3.2; the accuracy of slow wire can reach +/-0.005mm, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.8, therefore, the wire is slow Both precision and quality are higher than the other two. Wire cutting has been developed on the basis of electric spark perforation and forming. It has not only developed the application of EDM, but also replaced EDM and forming in some aspects. Today, wire-cutting machines account for more than half of EDM machines and play a large role in CNC precision parts processing, and are increasingly popular in today's market.

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