How to do the core development of precision hardware machinery parts processing ?

- Nov 18, 2019-

Precision metal processing, indicating that processing is more hardware, and these hardware products will be more in some applications, or application accessories, but, in the process, many people will ignore, we will come to understand now!

What is the core of precision hardware machinery parts processing?

  Casting performance: refers to the metal or alloy is suitable for casting some process performance, mainly including flow properties, full mold capacity; shrinkage, the ability of the volume to shrink when the casting solidifies; segregation refers to chemical composition unevenness.


     Welding performance: refers to the welding of two or more metal materials together by metal or heat and pressure welding. The interface can meet the purpose of use.


    Top gas segment performance: Refers to the ability of metal materials to support forging without breaking.


Cold bending performance: It means that the metal material can withstand bending without breaking performance at normal temperature. The degree of bending is generally expressed by the ratio of the bending angle α (outer corner) or the diameter d of the core to the material thickness a. The larger a or the smaller the d/a, the better the cold bendability of the material.


Stamping performance: The ability of metal materials to withstand stamping deformation without breaking. Pressing at room temperature is called cold stamping. The test method was tested by cupping test.


Forging properties: The ability of metal materials to withstand plastic deformation without cracking during forging.

 What is the core of precision hardware machinery parts processing?

  The cooperation between precision metal parts processing enterprises will be strengthened. In order to get better help and competitive position and enhance competitiveness, the decomposition will be further aggravated. The direct camp in the direct camp has expanded the trend of decomposing in the South and North Pole, and between sales channels. The competition is fierce day by day, and the quality pressure is increasing. Due to the oversupply of hardware processing kitchen and bathroom products in Hainan, the sales channel has become one of the key competitive factors. The competition for all channels is fierce day by day, and the market competition will turn to high quality. On the high-tech products, the space of all stages of precision metal parts processing is being compressed. More and more enterprises recognize that the precision metal parts processing industry is a long-term development direction, and strive to explore new development paths.

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