How to attract customers' attention by the good performance of CNC machining parts?

- Nov 20, 2019-

Casting performance: refers to the metal or alloy is suitable for casting some process performance, mainly including flow properties, full mold capacity; shrinkage, castings, mechanical parts processing

The ability to shrink volume during solidification; segregation refers to chemical composition inhomogeneity.

What is the role of CNC machining parts?

Welding performance: refers to the welding of two or more metal materials together by metal or heat and pressure welding. The interface can meet the purpose of use.


Top gas segment performance: Refers to the ability of metal materials to support forging without breaking.

Cold bending performance: It means that the metal material can withstand bending without breaking performance at normal temperature. The degree of bending is generally expressed by the ratio of the bending angle α (outer corner) or the diameter d of the core to the material thickness a. The larger a or the smaller the d/a, the better the cold bendability of the material.


Stamping performance: The ability of metal materials to withstand stamping deformation without breaking. Pressing at room temperature is called cold stamping. The test method was tested by cupping test.

Forging properties: The ability of metal materials to withstand plastic deformation without cracking during forging.

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