Features of CNC Lathe for Precision CNC machined parts processing

- Dec 03, 2019-

With CNC lathe precision CNC machining, multiple CNC machining surfaces can be machined again during clamping.

 Generally only the first piece is inspected, so many intermediate processes, such as scribing and size inspection, can be omitted in ordinary lathe precision CNC machining. Time, and because the quality of the parts produced by precision CNC machining is stable, it brings convenience to subsequent processes, and its overall efficiency has been significantly improved. 

Numerically controlled precision machining generally does not require a lot of complicated process equipment. By programming the machining program, parts and accessories with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be machined. 

When the product is modified, it is only necessary to change the program without renewing Design tooling is ready for production. Therefore, CNC precision machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a shortcut for the development of new products.

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