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- May 04, 2017-

Lemo is equipped to provide production quantities of Swiss machined parts from the thousands to millions per year. From medical to automotive, to electrical and  other industries, we have the equipment, expertise, capital and flexibility to meet market demands for Swiss precision machined parts needs. We’ll work with you from the prototype stage through proof of quality (including PPAP’s, if needed) and into a program that ensures you have the inventory needed to meet demand.

Swiss machining is a great way to make a lot of small, precise parts cost-effectively. When we make a Swiss part, there’s an up-front investment, so the cost per piece goes down significantly with higher quantities. Every job is programmed into the CNC controls and certain tooling may need to be purchased. Some parts have special threads and other features that may require special inspection gauges. When getting a quote for a prototype, also consider a quote for the production quantities as well. You may be surprised to see how much lower the price per piece goes.

  • 10 mm OD Swiss Screw Machines

  • 20 mm OD Swiss Screw Machines

  • 32 mm OD Swiss Screw Machines

The size range of our machines gives us the flexibility to put the right size part on a machine best suited for it. Our equipment also has a variety of attachments and configurations to maximize the efficiency of production.

If you have swiss machining parts, pls send us drawings, the quotation will be provided within 6 hours : 

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Swiss machining parts

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