Cnc hardware processing programming skills

- Apr 23, 2019-

Cnc hardware processing is a device that automatically performs CNC machining on hardware materials according to the pre-programmed cnc hardware processing program. The ideal CNC cnc machining program should not only ensure that the hardware parts are processed to meet the design requirements, but also to make the CNC punch press properly applied and its performance fully utilized.

    With the development of CNC machining center, cnc processing technology is used more and more. Through research and analysis of the process characteristics of cnc hardware processing, some matters that should be paid attention to in the programming of several cnc machining are proposed, and corresponding The examples illustrate the correct way to accomplish each task.

    When designing CNC programming for cnc machining, whether it is manual programming or automatic programming, the process analysis of hardware parts processing should be carried out before programming, and then the machining plan should be drawn up, the correct and reasonable processing process should be formulated, and the appropriate mold and processing should be selected. speed. In the design of numerical control programs, hardware processing plants should pay more attention to some programming methods. If you ignore some of the details of the process, sometimes even if the machining program is correct, but because the process of the program is not reasonable, it is impossible to process qualified parts.

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